Digital Data Engineer at elasticiti

Elasticiti is an analytics solutions company dedicated to the media industry. Our clients are top media brands who need to innovate on multiple large datasets to inform their strategy and tactics.


  • Retrieve data via API and FTP
  • Create ETL procedures on new datasets
  • Basic RDB table creation and schema management
  • Define, detect, and correct data quality issues
  • Create cron jobs for all ETL rules
  • Establish data pipeline


  • 1+ years professional Python coding experience
  • Pandas/NumPy packages
  • Experience interfacing Python with databases
  • Experience with Git version control
  • Basic SQL skills (create and query)
  • Basic familiarity with Linux


  • 2+ years professional Python coding experience
  • Experience with AWS services such as S3, EC2, Lambda, Redshift, EMR
  • Experience with data pipelines like Luigi, Amazon Data Pipeline, or Airflow
  • Experience with the media industry or an advertising agency
  • Experience with hierarchical data
  • Experience with webscraping using Selenium and/or Beautiful Soup

Job Type: Full Time